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The Cornflower Flower Fairy Lamp

The Cornflower Flower Fairy Lamp

Posted by Fairy Godmother on Mar 14th 2018

The Cornflower Flower Fairy Lamp is intricately detailed and painted by hand. The lamp comes with a natural colored lamp shade and i
Gnomes: Earth Elemental Spirits

Gnomes: Earth Elemental Spirits

Posted by The Fairy Godmother on Sep 25th 2017

The Earth Elemental Spirits are called Gnomes. They give special character to every rock, every crystal and every flowerbed – so

Last-minute fairy gifts

Nov 30th 2015

Time is running short, but not to worry! I always have ideas for those last few gifts before you enjoy the holiday with your fam

Bendable Fairies

Sep 25th 2015

When it starts to rain, our Bendable Fairies cozy up in dry little nooks. Wait…you thought all fairies liked the rain? The g