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Fairies and Angels

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Fairy Garden Photo

The other day a grandmother came into the store with her grandchildren to look for fairy figurines. As we were talking, she told me that she never had the chance to have her own fairy house as a child.

As a grandparent, she decided to let her grandchildren pick out their own fairy friends, so they could grow up with a bit more magic than she had.

But it’s not too late for her to enjoy fairies—not at all! I suggested that she could place a fairy house in a tiny corner or on a small tabletop just for herself. She looked at me with surprise in her eyes that she had just been encouraged and given permission by the Fairy Godmother to allow herself to have fun today!

I think we all consider ourselves “too old” for enchantment at some point. We need to drop whimsy and play so we can get down to the business of providing, organizing, and caring for the needs of others.

So much is lost! Play, imagination, and belief soften the hard edges of daily living.

Think you’re too old to believe in fairies? Listen. This is what I tell people.

Many of us grow up believing in angels. We’re comfortable with creatures that take care of people, especially during tough times. Fairies aren’t much different. They take care of nature. And if you nurture and respect the earth, they’ll take care of you, too.

That makes fairies and angels sisters, the caretakers of the planet and people. Isn’t that a nice way to think about it?

Allow the fairies to remind you that there is a spark of enchantment in every day and that you are being watched over and cared for in a magical way!

With warm smiles,

The Fairy Godmother

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