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Last-minute fairy gifts

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Shingletown Mushroom Fairy House Medium

Time is running short, but not to worry! I always have ideas for those last few gifts before you enjoy the holiday with your family.

Your gift is about the receiver: What do they like?

Want to brighten up a room in their home? Browse our Fairy Lights.

Sparkle, you say? Check out the Fairy Dust!

Do they like gnomes? We have large and small, waiting for a good home.

Are they fairy enthusiasts? Would they prefer My Little Kitchen Fairies, Flower Fairies, or Strangelings?

Fairy Wings Magic Dust in a Bottle with Star Wand

The puzzle builder might appreciate a new fairy puzzle. (Maybe you can choose something you’d like to assemble together.)

How about a copy of Fairy Gardening, or Gardening in Miniature along with a few miniature Fairy Garden Miniatures or a receptacle to hold the garden? That could get them started on a project that will add charm and mystique to their home or garden for years to come.

Do you have a reader on your list? Browse through the Fairy Books and find a unique gift.

Happiness starts within yourself and spreads when you give a thoughtful gift. Are you happy with your selection? Then they most likely will be, too.

Happy last-minute shopping! And may your own holiday be filled with magic.

With warm smiles,

The Fairy Godmother

Bendable Fairies

When it starts to rain, our Bendable Fairies cozy up in dry little nooks. Wait…you thought all fairies liked the rain? The garden gnomes and fairy statues may relish a good downpour, but not these airy friends. These fairies like to nestle inside when the weather is gloomy. If they had umbrellas, they’d huddle under them and shuffle to the nearest welcoming door. Bendables wait [...]

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A Gnome for Everyone!

Roots and soil are the stomping grounds of the earth-bound gnome. Gnomes are Earth’s elemental spirits, wingless homebodies who unlock the secrets of earthly treasures. Even one gnome figurine can enhance a garden by bringing out the texture, color, and hidden qualities of rocks, crystals, and flowers. Need to get a new perspective? Gnomes are reliable [...]

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Fairies and Angels

The other day a grandmother came into the store with her grandchildren to look for fairy figurines. As we were talking, she told me that she never had the chance to have her own fairy house as a child. As a grandparent, she decided to let her grandchildren pick out their own fairy friends, so they could grow up [...]

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Flower Fairies

Close your eyes and imagine a fairy. What do you see? Chances are, it’s a flower fairy . Of all the elemental beings, flower fairies may be the most familiar. You’ve likely seen images of childlike fairies posing as guardians of particular flowers, but you may not know that they are the work of Cicely Mary Barker, an early twentieth-century artist. Fairies were [...]

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Fairy Garden Contest would love to see all your fun miniature garden creations! To add some fun we be drawing three winners with the most creative and fairy fantastic gardens! 1st place - Receives $20 gift card to our store 2nd place - Two Regal Cinema Movie Tickets 3rd place - Necklace hand selected by the Fairy Godmother. All submissions due by [...]

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Celebrate Independence Day with

We celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which lets us honor freedom and independence in the United States on this national and federal holiday! Check your fairy calendar the day is almost here! can help you create the perfect festive look for your fairy or gnome garden . Our celebrations often take place outdoors by attending a picnic or barbeque, [...]

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A new eFairies web site!

Notice some things are different at  We've done it again!  With a new web site, we bring you a more rich and simplified online shopping experience for all your fairy gift needs. A few helpful hints:  We still have all of your account info from our previous site - so, no need to worry!  To [...]

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Fairy Love, Magic, and Peace

Spread the love, magic, and peace this Valentine’s Day with a little help from the fairies! There are lots of magical items to be discovered at!The fairies love leaving little treats to be discovered by those who believe in the magic! Find the perfect treat for that special someone! We have a great selection [...]

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2014 Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and it’s a joyous time to spend time with loves ones. is here to help you spread the magic and cheer even if you are on a shoe string budget. We have lots of affordable gifts that are sweet little tokens and trinkets for all ages!   Our glass hearts and [...]

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