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  • Fantasy Horses

    Whether you love a unicorn or a pegasus, these fantasy horses are all friends of the fairies! Beautiful, majestic creatures with a flowing mane, wings, and a horn!

    Take your pick from one of these magnificent creatures!

    • Rainbow Fantasy Ring

      Rainbow Fantasy Ring

      Accessorise your outfit with these super cute Pink Poppy fantasy rainbow rings. One size fits all with adjustable ring sizing. Simply bend to fit your finger! Available in mermaid, unicorn, star and rainbow designs.  Available in 8 different...

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    • Cotton Candy Mood Rings Cotton Candy Mood Rings

      Cotton Candy Mood Rings

      These cute color changing mood rings change in a cycle of vivid colors from Black -> Brown -> Amber -> Green -> Blue -> Violet ->Purple -> Brown -> Amber -> Green -> Blue -> Violet by your body temperature, room...

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    • TROPP Tempest Figurine TROPP Tempest Figurine

      TROPP Tempest Figurine

      “Tempest” is a re-interpretation of "Silver Lining" to depict Pegasus searching through dark and churning storm clouds in search of the elusive silver lining of blue skies, thereby giving the original Pony an entirely new feel and meaning...

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    • Fairy with Pegasus

      Fairy with White Pegasus

      This elegant fairy with pegasus is a striking statue.  Black and white in color defining the term 'simple but elegant".  This statuette would be a lovely addition to any fairy collection.   Dimensions:  22"H x 14"W x 11"D Material:...

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    • A A

      Fairy and Unicorn Mood Rings

      This cute color changing unicorn mood ring changes in a cycle of vivid colors from Black -> Brown -> Amber -> Green -> Blue -> Violet ->Purple -> Brown -> Amber -> Green -> Blue -> Violet by your body temperature, room...

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    • Glitter Unicorn Mug Glitter Unicorn Mug

      Glitter Unicorn Mug

      Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then, be a unicorn. Unicorn lovers can show off just how magical they are with this whimsical, magical, mystical mug featuring a purple sparkling unicorn and pastel stars lining the inside rim...

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    • Magical Unicorn Mug Magical Unicorn Mug

      Magical Unicorn Mug

      Nothing is more magical than enjoying a beverage with a golden-horned unicorn under a rainbow. This unique 16 oz. stoneware coffee mug from Our Name is Mud features a sculpted unicorn featuring its tail as the handle as well as front and back messaging...

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    • Unicorn Grower

      Unicorn Grower

      Grow Your Own Unicorn Grow your own enchanted unicorn quickly and easily - no need for grooming, feeding or mucking out! Simply add water and watch your unicorn grow! Allow your unicorn to dry out and she miraculously shrinks back to be regrown...

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    • I'm a special unicorn 2pc pin

      I'm a special unicorn 2pc pin

      The pin says it all!  Zinc Pin with safety pin style backing.  Great for inspirational pick me ups! Dimensions: 1"H x 1/2"W - Measurement of card is 2.5 Inches Wide and almost 3.5 Inches tall. Material:  Zinc    

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    • Unicorn Pen

      Unicorn Pen

      Write the most mystical of memos with these unicorn pens!  4 Color choices to choose from: A - Pink B - Purple C - Blue D - Yellow Dimensions:  7 3/4"H x 1"W Material:  Polystone

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    • I Believe in Unicorns - Key Ring

      I Believe in Unicorns - Key Ring

      Give the gift of magic with this lovely Unicorn Key Ring.  6 Different Sentiments to choose from: A - Shine like the star you are B -  Never let anyone dull your sparkle C - Life is all rainbows and unicorns D - Leave a little glitter...

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    • Colored Unicorn Car Charm

      Colored Unicorn Car Charm

      This simple but elegant car charm makes a perfect gift for a friend or family member.  Quaint but classy car accessory!Color: Silver Dimensions: 3 1/4"H x 1"W x 1/4"D   Additional Sizing: 7" H. Avg. w/chain Material:  Zinc/Iron

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    • A B

      Mini Unicorn Magnet Plaque

      If you love unicorns then you must have one or all 6 of these mini unicorn magnet plaques!  Sold individually. 6 options to choose from: A - Unicorns are AWESOME B - Be Kind C - Glitter  D - Always Be Yourself E - Believe F -  Be A...

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    • Spring Fairy and Unicorn

      Spring Fairy and Unicorn

      Fairies and unicorns make excellent allies and friends. This spring fairy with unicorn figurine shows one such pair enjoying a bright spring day. The best of friends.....making this a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Dimensions: 5.75"H x 7"W x...

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    • Winged Unicorn Incense Burner

      Winged Unicorn Incense Burner

      It just has to be magic! This beautifully detailed incense burner features a whimsical winged unicorn.  Intricate detail that will shimmer when burning a stick of your favorite incense. Time to believe in unicorns! Dimensions: 4"H x 11 1/2"W x...

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    • 91835

      White Pegasus

      Trotting through the fields, this white pegasus is spreading it's wings ready to take flight. With its mane flowing in the breeze, this noble winged steed is the perfect picture of equestrian glory. Its beautiful white coat is hand painted, and its wings...

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