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  • Music CDs

    Wondering what it would sound like in an enchanted village? We have an assortment of Fairy CDs to help set the vibe in your enchanted space or fairy garden.

    • Deep Healing Elements

      Deep Healing Elements

      Embark on a serene musical journey through the four Elements of fire, water, earth and air where you will be transported to an elevated state of well-being and total relaxation. Deep healing elements is the soothing fourth album by renowned international...

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    • Sound Spa 2 - Relaxing Music, Rain & Stream

      Sound Spa 2 - Relaxing Music, Rain & Stream

      Find your way into a serene natural world of where you can immerse your soul, body and mind in the peaceful tranquility of nature. David & Steve Gordon, who are known for their award-winning use of nature sounds in relaxing music, have created a new...

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    • Sound Spa 1 - Relaxing Music & Rainforest

      Sound Spa 1 - Relaxing Music & Rainforest

      Enter a rainforest oasis where you are surrounded by the peace and serenity of nature. David & Steve Gordon, renown for their pioneering and innovative use nature sounds for nearly 30 years in ambient music, new age music and meditation music, have...

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    • Soothing Sanctuary CD

      Soothing Sanctuary CD

      Relax in your own peaceful retreat and experience blissful serenity. Envelop yourself in luxurious musical surroundings where your body, mind and spirit can refresh, replenish, and renew. Bathe in the serene sounds of gently cascading streams, birdsong,...

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    • Music for Meditation - Inner Stillness CD

      Music for Meditation - Inner Stillness CD

      Enjoy deeply nourishing relaxation, zap stress and quiet your mind with this serenely beautiful meditation music. David & Steve Gordon have been meditating for 30 years and they have created some of the most popular music for meditation, healing and...

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    • Hotel Buddha 2 CD

      Hotel Buddha 2 CD

      Return for another stay at the hotel with the coolest chill out electronica grooves and down-tempo beats for unwinding. On this sensuous sequel compilation, the Gordon brothers have hand picked more of their own global lounge electronic music songs that...

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    • Ancient Power CD

      Ancient Power CD

      This album is a healing, relaxation-trance journey, which transports you to an ancient world of timeless beauty. Serene Native-American Flute, soothing keyboards, ambient guitars and the gentle heartbeat of Tribal drums combine in this special...

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    • Yuletide in the Shire CD

      Yuletide in the Shire Music CD

      Yuletide in the Shire CD combines the Celtic Flavor of traditional carols with their own style. Produced by David and Steve Gordon these compositions will lead you on an enchanted journey with all your holiday favorites.MP3 Clips: Coventry Carol God Rest...

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    • Yoga Planet CD

      Yoga Planet CD

      Yoga Planet is the gracefully modern alternative to traditional yoga music and is also ideal for exercising, intimate parties or just relaxing. A portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to the Rainforest Action Network. Yoga Planet is the...

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    • Yoga Moods CD

      Yoga Moods CD

      Yoga Moods CD, a serene set of grooves carefully handpicked by renowned yoga-instructor trainer Beth Shaw, with an exclusive mix by the Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara). A transcendent soundtrack for yoga sessions to find inner balance,...

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    • Shaman's Vision Journey CD

      Shaman's Vision Journey CD

      Experience the sacred wisdom and peace of shamanic healing - This soothing-trance music invites you to remember your own inner peace. Award-winning artists David and Steve Gordon (Sacred Earth Drums, Drum Medicine) combine the authentic Shaman drums,...

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    • Reiki Healing Light CD

      Reiki Healing Light CD

      Reiki Healing Light CD, from the award-winning ambient music artists David and Steve Gordon, Shajan, Sophia, Ashron, Nik Tyndall, and Bernd Scholl to create the ultimate relaxation music compilation for Reiki sessions, meditation, yoga, or to lift you...

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    • Perfect Balance Musical Healing Vol. 2

      Perfect Balance Musical Healing Vol. 2

      Renew, reflect and relax into perfect balance - Transform your entire being with this exquisitely tranquil musical retreat for your body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in this superbly crafted collection of sonic treasures featuring the most blissful...

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    • Peaceful Evening CD

      Peaceful Evening CD

      Peaceful Evening CD Relax and be carried away with gently soothing piano, acoustic guitar, flute, and pure sounds of nature from healing music pioneers David and Steve Gordon.MP3 Clips: Dusk Nightflyer Under a Painted Sky Radiant Sea Healing Gentle...

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    • Oneness - Inner Music CD

      Oneness - Inner Music CD

      Experience the perfect peace and profound relaxation of deep meditation. This soothing musical soundtrack of floating ethereal sounds gently guides you into an extremely pleasurable altered state. To further deepen this euphoria, sounds which have been...

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