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  • Gothic Fairies

    Gothic fairies or Dark Fairies as some refer to them, typically have long hair that is either dark or ghostly white. They traditionally have pale skin and wear heavy, smoky eye makeup. Many artists who paint or draw Gothic fairies, such as Amy Brown, depict them with sullen facial expressions and guarded body language.  Mystery and darkness seem to surround gothic fairies.

    • Fairy w/White Dragon - Snow

      Fairy w/White Dragon - Snow

      This Fairy and her white dragon - Snow are a breathtaking duo. Dressed in black, her blue wings extend out from her back, while her gaze is focused intently on the crystal ball she holds in one hand. Next to her stands a tall white dragon named Snow, who...

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    • Red Fairy with Baby Dragons

      Red Fairy with Baby Dragons

      This fairy is the first thing that these baby dragons will see when they open their eyes.  Imprinting on her, they will be forever bonded to her.   Dimensions: 9 3/4"H x 4"W x 4 1/2"D Material:  Resin

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    • Fairy Riding Black Unicorn

      Fairy Riding Black Unicorn

      This gorgeous Fairy Riding Black Unicorn figurine has the finest details and greatest quality you will find anywhere!  Sculpted and cast in top quality material.  Dimensions:  9.5"H x 4.8"D x 7.5"W Material: Resin

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    • Fairy in White with Dragon

      Fairy in White with Dragon

      This absolutely stunning statue features a very beautiful raven haired, silver winged fairy maiden with a small white dragon perched on her shoulders.  She is elegantly dressed in a full length flowing white and silver gown.  Her dress is...

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    • Fairy with Pegasus

      Fairy with Pegasus

      This elegant fairy with pegasus is a striking statue.  Black and white in color defining the term 'simple but elegant".  This statuette would be a lovely addition to any fairy collection.   Dimensions:  22"H x 14"W x 11"D Material:...

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    • Fairy On Roman Columns Fairy On Roman Columns

      Fairy On Roman Columns

      We are the night fairies! During the day we fall into a deep slumber and are charged by sun rays. These rays give us the power and energy to watch over our humans. When night falls, our magic is set free by the stars and moon light. During the quiet of...

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    • Phantom Fairy Figurine Sitting on Mask

      Phantom Fairy Figurine Sitting on Mask

      This fairy figurine stands out with a beautiful presence during the day, and at night, gives off a magic night effect. Just place her near a light during the day, and at night watch her glow. Her wings are detachable, held in place by a magnet...

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    • Night Dream Fairy - Story Time Figurine

      Night Dream Fairy - Story Time Figurine

      We are the Night Fairies. During the day we fall into a deep sleep and are recharged thanks to the sun rays. They give us the power and energy to stand by the human beings when facing every day problems. When night falls over the earth and the sky, we...

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    • Lilith Fairy Figurine

      Lilith Fairy Figurine

      The Lilith fairy figurine is created with delicate attention to detail by fairy artist Rachael Tallamy. She will charm you with her beauty and sentiment. This graceful Goth faery comes alive with her unique expressions. Dimensions:  4"H x...

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    • Fairy with Stone Figurine

      Fairy with Stone Figurine

      A beautiful piece to admire and add to the collection. Featuring a fairy in lovely earth-tone colors carefully holding an enchanted stone. With her innocent gaze of mystery, you will be curious to know how much power that stone holds.Dimensions: 4 H...

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    • Fairy Riding Black Unicorn Figurine

      Fairy Riding Black Unicorn Figurine

      Features a sleepy fairy resting on her unicorn who takes her to where she needs to go safely... the charming life of a fairy! A breathtaking piece just radiating with a magical presence. Her dark wings are detachable, held in place by a magnet...

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    • Dragon Princess Figurine

      Dragon Princess Figurine

      Dragon Princess is ready to ride to battle with her fierce little friend perched on her shoulder. The two companions are a deadly duo, ready to take on anything. Dimensions: 13" H x 8" W x 6" D   Material: Resin

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