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  • Figurines

    Enchanted Figurines add magic and beauty to every space they inhabit.   Here at we have a wide variety of fairy and other enchanted being figurines.  Our collection is made by fairy artists from all over the globe. Ranging from collectible fairies like the adorable line of My Little Kitchen Fairies to the sassy Fairy Diva line by renowned artist Amy Brown.   We carry enchanting Faerie Glen figurines,  Figurines by Jessica Galbreth and Nene Thomas, delicate garden fairies, mysterious night dream fairies, mischievous Strangeling fairies, Gothic fairy figurines and so much more! You can also find figurines of Pixies, Gnomes, Frogs, Hedgehogs and other enchanted realm beings.  

    • Standing Fairy

      Standing Fairy

      The perfect standing fairy.  With a vintage look, this standing fairy would blend into any fairy collection seamlessly. Dimensions:   8"H x 4"W x 3 1/4"D  Material:  Resin

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    • Sitting Fairy

      Sitting Fairy

      The perfect sitting fairy.  With a vintage look, available in two poses, this sitting fairy would blend into any fairy collection seamlessly. A -  Fairy w/Butterfly B -  Fairy resting her head on her knee Dimensions:  A - 6"H x 6"W...

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    • LED Light Up Fairy

      LED Light Up Fairy

      This lovely LED Light Up Fairy makes a very special gift for any occasion.  Makes a perfect night light or can be used to add that certain ambiance to your space.   Dimensions: 6 3-4"H x 3 1/4"W x 3" Material: Resin

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    • Copper Blue Fairy

      Copper Blue Fairy

      Add a lively and playful look to your outdoor decor with this Copper Blue Fairy Statue. Let this friendly Copper Blue Fairy Statue add whimsy ass she greets you throughout the day and wishes a warm welcome to all your guests. This durably...

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    • Praying Pixie Statue

      Praying Pixie Statue

      Add a lively and playful look to your outdoor decor with this Praying Pixie statue. Let this friendly Praying Pixie Statue add whimsy as he greets you throughout the day and wishes a warm welcome to all your guests. This durably crafted statue is a...

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    • Sitting Fairy with Bunny

      Sitting Fairy with Bunny

      Sitting Fairy with Bunny.  This Figurine features a seated fairy girl with wings and flower crown holding a sweet bunny.  Perfect for a shelf display or the ledge of a window or railing.   Dimensions:  9"H x 4.75"W x...

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    • Woodland Angel Garden Statuary Woodland Angel Garden Statuary

      Woodland Angel Garden Statuary

      This beautiful Woodland Angel Garden Statuary has a rustic look with rust ombre along her wings and dress. The brown-haired angel is holding a bunny rabbit in her arms.  This statuette is perfect for those who surround themselves with...

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    • Winter Fairy Large

      Winter Fairy Large

      The Winter Fairy with Orb uses her power to unleash the snow. A white dress flows elegantly around her seated form.  The clear butterfly wings of the ice fairy extend and glimmer in the light as she cradles the magical orb in anticipation. ...

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    • Autumn Fae - Amy Brown

      Autumn Fae - Amy Brown

      Fantasy watercolorist Amy Brown takes her viewers to an enchanted land filled with playful fairies, gothic beauties and whimsical dragons. Each wonderous painting has a mystical story to tell, and it is easy to get lost within the rich textures and...

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    • Sorceress


      The Sorceress is an absolutely gorgeous fantasy statue that depicts a sorceress witch as she sits with her trusted companion, a white dragon. Together, these two sit quietly while the witch holds a clear globe in one hand. With its incredibly...

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    • Spring Fairy and Cat Fairy Figurine

      Spring Fairy and Cat Fairy Figurine

      Colorful pastel spring theme fairy with charming white cat fairy is made of first quality hand painted resin, designed to show the finest details,as in the face wings and dress.  Dimensions:  5.5'' H x 4'' W x 4'' D Material: Resin

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    •  Old Mystic Tree Display  Old Mystic Tree Display

      Old Mystic Tree Display

      Perfect for fairy gardens or at-home display! use to give visual height to any fairy garden, when typically fairy gardens can lack visual intrigue in height! it also has incredible details & boasts six platforms to place your favorite fairy garden...

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    • Dream Fairy Ornament w/Stand

      Dream Fairy Ornament w/Stand

      Have you always longed to see fairies fluttering through the air? As rare as they are, now just such a sight can be captured and displayed in your home, thanks to Dream Fairy Ornament w/Stand, which depicts a pretty little fairy in a dream like...

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    • Shimmering Fairy Figurine

      Shimmering Fairy Figurine

      Add one or both of these magical fairy figurines to your space this Christmas or all year round. Each figurine is finished with fairy dust on the hem of their dresses and on their wings giving off extra sparkle.  Choose from 2 fairies:   A -...

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    • Fairy Boy and His Dragon

      Fairy Boy and His Dragon

      This figurine is a the epitome of Amy Brown's artwork! A fairy boy with bright blue wings and Amy's signature striped socks, is having a conversation with a tiny dragon in matching hues. If you are an Amy Brown collector, this is an absolute must...

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    • Fairy w/Eagle Statue

      Fairy w/Eagle Statue

      A breeze flows around this beautiful fairy as she keeps a watchful eye on her fairy realm.  A bald eagle sits confidently on the hand of its magical friend.  Tribal bands encircle each of the fairy's upper arms warning those around her that she...

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    • Tulip Fairy Figurine

      Tulip Fairy Figurine

      Springs gentle hum and a sweet aroma lead this fairy in search of  her favorite flower! The Tulip Fairy depicts a magical sprite who clearly enjoys the beauty of an enchanted garden.  This delightful fairy will feel right at home when displayed...

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