Fairy Dolls

From soft and cuddle to gorgeous limited editions, eFairies has fairy dolls for all occasions and ages. Fairy dolls are life long treasures and add a touch of beauty and magic to any room. From the miniature fairies found sleeping in teaspoons, to fairy dolls to play with and fairy dolls to marvel at - an ever changing selection of fairy dolls can be found here. The Florence Maranuk Collection of fairy dolls is avidly sought after by knowledgeable collectors. "Attention to Detail" is the cornerstone of her success. The Whispering Willows fairy doll collection is inspired by the magic of a woodland fairy glen, each piece lovingly crafted, using quality materials to create wonderful works of art that will grace and inspire for years to come. Fine materials used, expressive sculpting, and the innovative designs combine in an art form that makes fairy dolls speak for themselves. Add a touch of magic and place a fairy doll in your room today!  The Bradford dolls are sought after by collectors and can be found right here.  The adorable felt Gnomies can be played with or used as ornaments or accents anywhere you'd like to display them indoors.  The hard plastic fairy dolls with their unicorns or horses make wonderful creative mind action play items to enchant boys and girls alike.