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  • Gnomes

    Gnomes can be found in all walks of life. Many countries have special stories of traditional gnomes who live among them. Gnome ways are fascinating and any can spark your interest in collecting or adding to your gnome family inside or outside your home.

    • Yoga Gnomes A - Perfect Pose

      Yoga Gnomes

      Channel your inner yogi with these clever gnomes performing an array of classic poses.  Three gnomes to choose from - each sold separately: A - Yoga Gnome Perfect Pose B - Yoga Gnome Dancer Pose C - Yoga Gnome  Shoulder Stand...

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    • Yoga Gnomes - Set of 3

      Yoga Gnomes - Set of 3

      This Yoga Gnome 3 Piece Set is sure to bring peace love and joy to your fairy garden!  You can place these three fellas in practically any environment and they would bring their magic! Dimensions:  2 1/4"H x 1 1/2"W x...

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    • Harley-Davidson® Biker Garden Gnome Harley-Davidson® Biker Garden Gnome

      Harley-Davidson® Biker Garden Gnome

      First, a little history. Garden Gnomes were first created in 1840’s Germany. Within 10-years these statues spread all across Europe. They’re popularity spread because these Gnomes are believed to bring good luck to your garden. Even the most...

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    • Honey Gnome with Habitat Honey Gnome with Habitat

      Honey Gnome with Habitat

      Indoor and outdoor use, which can create an environment full of whimsy and magic. Made of high quality durable waterproof resin, can be both used indoor and outdoor. Hand painted and sculpted in amazing detail.  Ideal gift for garden lovers. ...

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    • Collectible Garden Gnomes

      Collectible Garden Gnomes

      It has been said that a gnome is a Jack of all trades.  This collection is a perfect example of how gnomes have gained this reputation!  There are 12 collectible gnomes total. Each sold separately.   A - Golfer Gnome B - Lumberjack...

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    • Gnome For The Holidays Ceramic Travel Mug Gnome For The Holidays Ceramic Travel Mug

      Gnome For The Holidays Ceramic Travel Mug

      This 17 oz. ceramic travel cup is the perfect gift for your gnome collector! Top rack dishwasher safe and it fits in most car cup holders. It comes in a matching gift box. It has a Tritan leak-free lid with 3 rings of silicone.    Travel...

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    • Gnome Doll

      Gnome Doll

      For young imaginations, gnomes open up a world of magic, nature, and earthly treasures. Let this friendly gnome spark opportunities for literacy—they’re great for storytelling—and emotional or social development, as their expressionless...

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    • Swinging Gnome A

      Swinging Gnome

      stoneware material, twine cord for easy hanging. SWINGING GNOME - Swinging his cares away, our garden gnome tree swing will delight visitors to your home and garden all year long.  Gnome on swing - stake not included. Perfect for indoor or...

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    • Yoga Gnome

      Yoga Gnome

      They're back!  These flexible fellas are all about centering themselves! 4 yoga posing gnomes to choose from: A - The Perfect Pose B - The Boat Pose C - Upward Facing Dog D - Side Stretch Pose Dimensions: 3/4" D x 11/4" L x 11/8"...

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    • Welcome Gnome Teapot House

      Welcome Gnome Teapot House

      A beautifully made teapot house, perfect to complete your miniature gnome or fairy garden.  What fairy or gnome could resist moving in to such a welcoming home? Pop a battery powered tealight inside and it will appear as if someone is living in...

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    • Gnome Plant Pick

      Gnome Plant Pick

      Gnome Plant Pick.  Two to choose from: A - Guy B -  Girl Dimensions: H 7.00″ x W 3.00″ x D 3.00″ Material:  Resin

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    • Gnomes Eddie & Freddie Gnomes Eddie & Freddie

      Gnomes Eddie & Freddie

      These two fellas are never far from one another.  Eddie & Freddie are always doing something that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.  While they are very sweet little gnomes, they do love playing practical jokes on others. ...

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    • Mini Gnome Mini Gnome

      Mini Gnome

      This little fella is just as sweet as he is small! He easily fits in anywhere you place him due to his wee little size. Short in stature but has a big personality! Dimensions: 1"H x 1/2"W x 1/2"D Material: Resin  

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    • Mini Garden Musician Gnome

      Mini Garden Musician Gnome

      Gnomes have been known to be musical geniuses!  4 Musicians to choose from: A - Drummer B - Trumpet C - Banjo D - Violin Dimensions: 4"-5"H x 3"-4.5"W x 3"-3.5"D Material:  Resin

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    • Mini Garden Everyday Task Gnome

      Mini Garden Everyday Task Gnome

      Ah....the golden years.  Gnomes are creatures of habit - even more so in their old age.  From taking a bath to taking a nap - can you identify with one of these fellas?  5 Gnomes to choose from: A -  Bookworm Bob B -  Napping...

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    • Tumbleweed Gnome

      Tumbleweed Gnome

      Tumbleweed Gnome Boasting a big bushy beard, this Tumbleweed Gnome peeks out from underneath his cap. This gnome is ready to tumble through endless journeys with you!  Two color choices to choose from: A - Blue B - Red Dimensions:  3"H x...

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    • Grimmbel Gnome 20"

      Mr. Grimmbel Gnome - 20"

      In Europe, garden statues have been popular since Renaissance times. The first garden gnomes, bearded and wearing their trademark red pointy hats, appeared in the United Kingdom and Europe in the middle 1800s. Mr. Grimmbel Garden Gnome is of this classic...

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    • Micro Gnome Pic

      Micro Gnome Pic

      Gnomes dwell in regular fairy gardens as well as micro or terrarium sized gardens!    Dimensions: 1"H x 1"W x 1"D Material:  Resin

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