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  • Old German Woodworks

    • Amanita Fairy Door

      Amanita Fairy Door

      This Magical Amanita Fairy Door posses the power to usher your fairies to their enchanted realm without the use of keys or locks! This enchanting door looks as magical as a amanita mushroom with red...

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    • Blue Tardis Door

      Blue Tardis Door

      Originally used by the members of the British Police, or for members of the public to contact the police. This Police Box contained a telephone linked directly to a local police station. This...

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    • Butterfly Fairy Door

      Butterfly Fairy Door

      The Butterfly Fairy Door is a beautiful mauve color with a light satin finish and an opalescent door knob! A door fit for royalty or a very fancy fairy! No keys or locks required on this fixed door...

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    • Calling All Fairies Door

      Calling All Fairies Door

      This fairy door is perfect way to attract and call fairies over for a visit, or even just to say hello. A unique door that will catch the eye of all who appreciate the creative appeal it brings to...

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    • Carriage House Fairy Door

      Carriage House Fairy Door

      An enchanting door to display on a tree in a fairy garden, or build into a fairy home. The double doors present an elegant touch to a rustic look, wonderful to go with a forest cottage, country home...

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    • Double Dream Fairy Door

      Double Dream Fairy Door

      This two-part Dutch door leads to a land where you would swear you are seeing double. Indeed, you are seeing double because there is two of everything. Every character and creature has a twin; every...

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    • Dragon's Den Fairy Door

      Dragon's Den Fairy Door

      The smoke marks on the door tells us that indeed a dragon lives here, a loyal friend to a fairy, that will do what it takes to protect their den. A truly magical door to bring a fairy garden, or...

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    • Elfish Entry Fairy Door

      Elfish Entry Fairy Door

      Elves are notorious builders and crafters. Be it making toys, or cobbling shoes, they like to keep their hands busy.This roundish, Hobbit- inspired door is the perfect shape to accommodate irregular...

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    • Entwined Vines Fairy Door

      Entwined Vines Fairy Door

      Enchanted vines - the very vines that protected Sleeping Beauty's castle - surround this bewitching fairy door. What lies beyond this door remains a mystery, even to the wee folk. They have been...

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    • Fairies Welcome Door

      Fairies Welcome Door

      This fairy door is a fresh and fancy look for your fairy with a cute little red heart, silver butterfly, and a gold door handle. All the fairies will love this door! No locks or keys required and the...

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    • Fairy Dream Door

      Fairy Dream Door

      A perfect rustic door to bring any fairy garden or fairy home to life, and with a natural look, it will fit in any setting it is placed in. Surround with tree vines or flowers, and fairies will be...

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    • Jiggity Joy Fairy Door

      Jiggity Joy Fairy Door

      The Jiggity Joy Fairy Door is a fun and creative way to add cheer to the fairy garden, or fairy home, sure to make anyone smile. One look, and this fairy door will spark imagination and curiosity to...

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    • Leprechaun Point Fairy Door

      Leprechaun Point Fairy Door

      Leprechaun Point Fairy Door, invite the magic of a Leprechaun into your fairy garden, where you never know when you may run into a four leaf clover or a pot of gold! Leprechauns always fit right in...

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