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    • Blue Dragon Incense Burner Blue Dragon Incense Burner

      Blue Dragon Incense Burner

      Few things are able to enhance the atmosphere of a home better than a mystical dragon and the intoxicating scent of incense. Harness both of these wonderful qualities in your own home with this...

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    • Blue Dragon with Pyramid Prism

      Blue Dragon with Pyramid Prism

      Perched atop a rocky structure, a dragon gazes down at a mystical prism situated within the stones. The Blue Dragon with Prism Statue presents this fantasy scene with beautiful hand painted detail...

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    •  Eagle -Landing

      Eagle -Landing

      Let the extraordinary grace and unmatched splendor of the bald eagle fill your heart with pride. This majestic figurine is the perfect addition to any Eagle collection.  Dimensions:  6...

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    • Fairy with Clear Wings

      Fairy with Clear Wings

      This lovely fairy is as lovely as the flowers that surround her.  Porcelain skin and dark hair, a striking combination!   Dimensions:  9 1/2"H x 5"W x 3 1/2"D Material:  Resin

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    • Fairy with Green Parrot

      Fairy with Green Parrot

      With coordinating tropical details that match the green parrot perched on her shoulder, this fairy is a refreshing sight to behold. The Green Parrot Fairy Statue is unique and eye-catching...

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    •  Fairy with White Wolf

      Fairy with White Wolf

      The wolf, a regal and mysterious being.  Loyal until the end, he is bonded with this fairy.  He is always by her side and will not hesitate to protect her at all costs.   Dimensions:...

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    •  Mermaid with Blue Serpent

      Mermaid with Blue Serpent

      A mermaid and a piercing blue serpent embrace just above the ocean surface, ignoring for the moment the world around them. This duo, a rather rare pairing are as close as two can be.  The...

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    • Purple Dragon with Marble

      Purple Dragon with Marble

      This purple dragon holding a marble statue is a show stopper!  Beauty and Braun packaged in a lovely shade of purple.  A dragon collector no brainer!   Dimensions:  11"W x...

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    •  Yellow Fairy with Dragon

      Yellow Fairy with Dragon

      As the Yellow Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue artfully demonstrates, no one is immune to the charms of an adorable young dragon. The fairy, clothed in a short yellow gown that matches her delicate...

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    • Autumn Fairy Keepsake Box

      Autumn Fairy Keepsake Box

      The perfect place to store your most valued treasures. Your valuable keepsakes will be watched over by a fairy at all times! Dimensions: 7 1/4"H x 4"W x 3"D   Material: Painted resin

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    • Autumn Fairy w/Pinecone

      Autumn Fairy w/Pinecone

      This Autumn Fairy Figurine perfectly captures the appearance of fall. This beautiful fairy sits on a rock with her knees drawn to her chest and wings reminiscent of autumn leaves. Any collector or...

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    • Blue and Purple Dragon

      Blue and Purple Dragon

      Even the most feral and bestial of dragons can possess rudimentary magic. Vivid colors make this Regal Purple and Blue Dragon all the more appealing. Dimensions:  4 1/2"H x 3 1/2"W x 2...

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