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When Good Fairies Go Bad

When Good Fairies Go Bad

Jun 18th 2012

Bad FairiesFairies aren't always goodness and light. Like humans, there are some bad apples that are ill tempered, aggressive, unforgiving, spoiled and jealous. Case in point…the vengeful Wicked Fairy in the tale of Sleeping Beauty who, angered by not being invited to the Princess’s christening, curses the child with death. Luckily, the Princess gets away with a 100 year nap instead.

Then there’s the jealous Tinker Bell of Peter Pan fame whose resentment towards Wendy results in violence and danger. Since Tink’s a great friend to Peter, author J.M.Barrie explains her extremes in character by the fact that a fairy’s small size allows only one feeling at a time…so when angry she has no counterbalancing compassion. Hmmmm…so much for fairy psychology!

At we have some representations of these tightly strung fae personalities in Fairy Diva Naughty and Fairy Diva Bratty figurines by Amy Brown. There’s the Pouty Pixie Tinker Bell Statuette; and A is all about Attitude in the Beware of Faeries fantasy illustration by Ms. Brown.

To avoid a faux pas that could get you into hot water with the fae, stick to correct fairy protocol. According to Teresa Moorey, author of The Fairy Bible, a definitive guide to all things fairy, abide by the following:

-Do not call fairies fairies. They prefer to be called names such as Little Folk, Fair Folk, Good People, the Good Neighbors, etc.

-If you have an experience with a fairy, keep it to yourself. Fairies are notoriously private and don’t like being talked about or spied upon.

-Don’t get all possessive on a fairy. They believe in sharing, so what’s yours is there’s.

-Do not lie to a fairy. Fairies take great stock in the truth. Bad fairies may avoid an issue or become evasive, but they will never tell an outright lie.

-Offerings are a way to appease an angry fairy. Gifts of food, beverages, or other tokens of gratitude will go a long way toward smoothing the ruffled feathers of a fairy.

If possible, steer clear of these spiteful sprites, because they’ve got a short fuse, and will literally fly off the handle at any provocation, imagined or real. Just remember: A fuming fairy is super scary.