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Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles

Jul 1st 2012

fairy bubble riderBubbles can transport one to a realm of enchantment. They appear magically, by the wave of a wand or a gust of breath, and float daintily through the air. We stare at them, transfixed, until they POP…. raining down a sticky liquid as we’re jarred back to reality.

Bubbles are a fairy magnet. Fairies are attracted to them like bees to a flower. Why? Fairies are notoriously playful, so it could be they love to interact with and chase the floating liquid-encased balloons of air. Or perhaps they can see their reflection in the opalescent sheen of the bubble veneer (it’s a well documented that fairies love to gaze at themselves.) For whatever the reason, if there’s a bubble in play, a fairy won’t stray!

And, as if May didn't have enough holidays (Mother’s Day, May Day, Memorial Day) there is now International Blowing Bubbles Day taking place on May 6th. All over the world, people blow bubbles in the memory of someone, to commemorate a special event, or simply to enjoy the magic and fun. They then post bubble-riffic pictures of their exploits on the International Blowing Bubbles website. Check it out.

At eFairies.com we have many representations of fairies with bubbles, capturing the whimsy of the interaction: Fairy Diva Bubble Rider, Fairy Diva Bubble Rider II, and Bubble Sprite II fantasy art prints by Amy Brown; the engaging Chatelaine Garden Color Fairy Statue; and the Birth of Magic Enchanted Fairies Wall Art, a wonderful vintage image from the early 1900’s. There’s also the charming Fairie Glen-Fairy Figurines of Moonglimmer Bubble Fairy, Dewdance Bubble Fairy, and Sundream Bubble Fairy.

In addition, bubbles and fairies have the common link of embodying the innocence of childhood. So let these fanciful images of fairies and bubbles remind you of carefree days gone by. Float on fairies, float on!