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The Beauty of the Barn – Little White Barn CO.

The Beauty of the Barn – Little White Barn CO.

Apr 4th 2012

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It has been an interesting journey for Adam New of Menton, Ohio. He and his wife Julie started their home-based business in “a little white barn,” not much bigger than a studio, in their backyard. They built landscape carpentry items such as arbors and pergolas. Their advertising overhead consisted of a sign in their front yard. Through word of mouth, their business of custom built wooden garden structures grew and prospered…until the downturn in the housing market.

The News decided to reinvent their Little White Barn business. They first started making small troughs and stone items for landscapes, and developed them into little houses. It didn’t happen overnight. It took three years to develop the special stone formula used in creating the cottage and barn walls, designed to withstand the harshest winter weather.

Aidan’s Cottage, Lilly’s Landing Fairy House , Carling’s Cottage Fairy House, and Brenna’s Barn Fairy House are a few of the fabulous fairy homes Adam and Julie continue to build. These tiny structures are transformed into pieces of art by hand tooling, then accessorized with hand-forged wrought iron hardware, fairy doors, and tin roofs. The roofs are removable, making them perfect places for fairies and their furnishings like Tea Time Armchairs, Tea Time Table and Chairs, and Miniature Fairy Garden Tool Sets.

When this homegrown company added these miniature stone buildings to their repertoire, Little White Barn caught the fancy of gardeners throughout the United States. Avid collectors include the fairy gardener, a rapidly expanding part of the landscaping market; the miniature gardener, who always wants everything on a much smaller scale; and the urban gardener.

Thanks to hard work, and belief in your product, Little White Barn has weathered the recession, and even a tornado that destroyed the company’s namesake. This unassuming, unpretentious business has grown from its humble beginnings into a store and workshop in the heart of Mentor, with a name that is recognized for quality, and a reputation that is built one satisfied customer at a time.