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Rainy Days and Dress Up

Rainy Days and Dress Up

Dec 29th 2012

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If children are a part of your life in any form (i.e.: grandchildren, nieces & nephews, godchildren, etc.), it’s mandatory to have a Dress-Up-Chest to keep them entertained. Of course, the Dress-Up-Chest doesn’t have to be a chest. It can be a drawer, closet, box, or an old suitcase. Just make sure that what’s packed inside will jumpstart a child’s imagination, and kick it into high gear.

The vintage dress-up suitcase I use for my nieces and nephews contains a hodge-podge of eclectic pieces; things like doctor scrubs, kimono, lederhosen, fish net stockings, 70’s platform shoes, jewelry, Captain Hook’s hook, wigs, petticoats….the list goes on. Usually, after struggling to repack and secure the latches of the bloated suitcase, I’ll find a stray belt or bangle under the bed. Arrrrrgh!

A Dress-Up-Chest is a great place to recycle those “I can’t believe I just spent $40 on a costume my kid will wear once” Halloween costumes. As part of a child’s “imagination wardrobe”, he or she will get plenty of play time out of it. And you’ll be happy to see it resurface on those short but dreary winter days when you’re pre-disposed with other activities.

Sometimes, a Dress-Up Chest needs a little refreshing. At eFairies we have pieces that will surely spark inspired new adventures. There are magical wands, and beautiful Rose Wee Fairy Wings. For the ballet lover, there’s the Iridescent Fairy Tutu. Those preferring the persona of Princess will love the Pink Petal Fairy Dress.The Girls Harlequin and Heart Tights, the Striped and Sparkle Tights, and the Child Sequin Shoe Covers will make little ones dance with joy. There’s also the Tiara with Pink Ribbon or Rose Garland Halo, must-haves for any make-believe costume ensemble.

Although well into their teens, my nieces and nephews continue to hit the dress up suitcase every Christmas gathering. They sneak away while the adults are opening gifts, and return sporting some of the most ridiculous outfits ever. My investment in dress-up attire has definitely paid off in dividends of laughter, as well as an unexpected holiday tradition!