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Rainy Day Fairies

Rainy Day Fairies

Jan 11th 2012

rainy day fairies

Living in an area where it rains, on average, 162 days of the year, it seems that I'd have a pretty good chance of experiencing a Rain Fairy sighting. In actuality, it hasn’t happened yet. But in my minds eye I've watched dozens of rainy day fairies playing in rain barrels during a storm, or swinging on rain chains while the water cascades over them.

Rain Fairies thrive in the rain. They are full of mischief, more than their fair weather counter-parts, and love to splash in puddles and race the falling raindrops. Some say this sense of mischief is easily picked up and emulated by children when they find themselves outside during a rain shower. But it's not mischief as much as joy, freedom, and a sense of empowerment that children are feeling when they jump in that mud puddle.

All fairies have jobs or duties, and Rain Fairies are no exception. Their many responsibilities mostly revolve around watering detail – seeing that all flora is properly hydrated. One of the ways they accomplish this is by pushing aside the larger branches and leaves, so the smaller plants underneath get their fair share of raindrops. During the summer, when the showers are fewer and farther between, Rain Fairies occupy themselves on dew detail, making sure all surrounding vegetation is covered with moisture.

Since Rain Fairies thrive in water, they have evolved many traits similar to those of a nymph. Their body is 85% water, and some actually have a blue-ish tint to their skin. On hot summer days, they can be found in water fixtures, ponds, lakes and other water sources trying to stay cool.

Rain Fairies wear what they can modify from nature. They make coats and caps of leaves that are impervious to rain such as holly, Oregon grape, or salal. They also make coats of bird feathers they have gathered, which have the added benefit of keeping them warm in the fall and winter months. It would take a lot of feathers or leaves to make a coat for fairies of the human kind. Luckily Kidorable makes Fairy Raincoats and Fairy Hat, Scarf, and Mitten Sets that are treasured by children all over the world.

A good pair of waterproof boots is an essential when attacking a mud puddle or slogging through a wet meadow. Fairies fashion their galoshes from nutshells, or pinecones, but Kidorable has created fashionable Fairy Rain Boots whose tough, natural rubber exterior can withstand rain, sleet, and snow. In addition, the company has a rain proof Fairy Back Pack, perfect for a human fairy's everyday adventures.

Although "watering" Mother Earth is a cold, wet, and thankless job, someone's got to do it. Rain Fairies provide that fairy power, and enjoy making a splash (in or out of puddles) while doing so.