Fairy Figurines
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Sep 3rd 2013

fairy mermaid

It’s true that eFairies has everything fairy, from throw blankets and jewelry to costumes, calendars, and figurines. But we also carry merchandise featuring other magical creatures such as gnomes, unicorns and, most recently, mermaids. Mermaids are fairies of the sea. They are playful, inquisitive, and very industrious. Just as fairies are caretakers of garden and forest, mermaids are keepers of the oceans and waterways – protectors of all life aquatic.

The Walt Disney Company made fairies and mermaids superstars when they animated Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell and Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid, Ariel. Ariel made scores of little girls aspire to growing fins and a tale, and become half fish. After movies, series, and a marketing blitzkrieg featuring Ariel and her pals of the sea, mermaids are still hot, hot, hot!

In honor of Mermaid Madness, eFairies would like to feature The Mermaid’s Treasure, the definitive book about mer people, written and illustrated by Stephanie True Peters, a “true” mermaid aficionado. It’s part activity book, part treasure trove of mermaid trivia. From touring a mermaid’s castle, to learning about marine mammals, it’s full of fun and facts regarding life under the sea.

There’s The Wave Fairy Door , the only entrance into the mermaid-infested waters of the Kingdom of Fairyland. Physically off limits to humans, all you need is a vivid imagination to explore this fascinating realm of the deep. We have artist Amy Brown’s wondrous take on the mermaid culture with figurines Obsidian Pool Diva, Pearl Diva I Fairy Diva Mermaid, and Fairy Diva Water. And there’s the cheery Mermaid Fairy Bracelet, a bauble that is perfect for mermaids, or young fans of mermaids.

Mermaids and fairies make enchanting pairings, bringing magic to what lies above and beneath the sea. eFairies is proud to support Mermaid Madness!, and hope you’ll check out these extraordinary swimmers on our website.