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Aug 8th 2013

fairy lightsAmbiance is all about setting the mood, and proper lighting is a sure way to achieve it. From cheerful and fun, to warm and cozy, eFairies’ fairy lights can help create many a desired atmosphere. And like moths to a flame, the right lights may attract a few new fairy friends in the process.

With the days getting longer and the evenings getting warmer, it’s a good time to add some twinkle to twilight….or more glimmer to those Midsummer parties. eFairies suggests Fantasia Fairy Lights , 91 white or colored LED lights, to accentuate trellis, tree branches, or arbors. Your backyard will turn into one big fairyland, and fae folk will assume it’s an open invitation to come join the fun.

We have a variety of colorful orbs that emulate the moon and sun in the “glow factor” department. The Rainbow Orb and Fairy Berries come in many sizes, a variety of colors, and are perfect accents for lawns, gardens, centerpieces, fountains, swimming pools, or ponds. The Underwater Fairy Tea Light gives a bewitching fairy effect to flower arrangements, and wherever else it is submerged. (Beware: Fairies are naturally drawn to the bright orbs, and love to redecorate with them.)

Solar lights capture the energy of the sun and throw it back out to illuminate the darkness. Solar Light Fairies Ponderer and Frolicker are two samples of solar statuettes eFairies carries for yard or garden. Fairies are fairly good at maneuvering in the dark, but having solar lights accessible makes their work and play that much easier.

Fairy lights can also mean rest and relaxation. With Story Fairy Lithopane Fairies, engraved porcelain virtually comes to life when illuminated from behind. These nightlights, as well as bedside illuminators like the Daisy Fairy Lamp, are comforting to children as they drift to sleep.

So…Lights! Fairies! Action! Bring on the ambiance by letting eFairies shed some stylish fairy light on and in your home or garden.