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Last-minute fairy gifts

Nov 30th 2015

Shingletown Mushroom Fairy House Medium

Time is running short, but not to worry! I always have ideas for those last few gifts before you enjoy the holiday with your family.

Your gift is about the receiver: What do they like?

Want to brighten up a room in their home? Browse our Fairy Lights.

Sparkle, you say? Check out the Fairy Dust!

Do they like gnomes? We have large and small, waiting for a good home.

Are they fairy enthusiasts? Would they prefer My Little Kitchen Fairies, Flower Fairies, or Strangelings?

Fairy Wings Magic Dust in a Bottle with Star Wand

The puzzle builder might appreciate a new fairy puzzle. (Maybe you can choose something you’d like to assemble together.)

How about a copy of Fairy Gardening, or Gardening in Miniature along with a few miniature Fairy Garden Miniatures or a receptacle to hold the garden? That could get them started on a project that will add charm and mystique to their home or garden for years to come.

Do you have a reader on your list? Browse through the Fairy Books and find a unique gift.

Happiness starts within yourself and spreads when you give a thoughtful gift. Are you happy with your selection? Then they most likely will be, too.

Happy last-minute shopping! And may your own holiday be filled with magic.

With warm smiles,

The Fairy Godmother