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Honor Thy Fairy Godmother

Honor Thy Fairy Godmother

Jun 13th 2012

Fairy Art

Everybody needs a Fairy Godmother – that special someone who will slip you a glass slipper so you can party in style, and capture the heart of a Prince. Someone who will protect you from an evil Queen, an evil Stepmother, or simply the rigors of life in the twenty first century.

A Fairy Godmother (FGM) is a mentor – a godparent who just happens to be a magical fairy. Portrayed as kind, gentle and loving, she usually appears to help the hero or heroine of a story overcome huge obstacles. Unlike the majority of fairies who focus on their own interests, FGMs are preoccupied trying to make the life of their human charge better. Although they can bestow wonderful gifts of blessings and treasures, they can often foretell the fate of their Godchild, which may be full of heartache.

Because of the popularity of the FGM characters in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, people think that Fairy Godmothers are a common fairy-tale motif. This is not actually the case. The source material of both stories was amended later to include Fairy Godmothers. Such benevolent fairies do appear in other cultures and are called by such names as Fata in Italy, Holda in Germany, and Disir in Scandinavia.

What I've found is that Fairy Godmothers don’t have to be fairies at all. Often times they are special humans, who come into a person’s life to support, inspire, nurture or teach…usually at a critical point in one’s existence. They may not have wings or a wand, but they’re full of magic just the same.

Any time is a good time to say thank you to your Fairy Godmother. At eFairies we have Lighting Up Time Canvas Wall Art, or My Little Sweet Pea Flower Fairy Canvas Wall Art for those FGMs who love vintage collectibles. There’s the thoughtful Helping Hands of Faerie Glen Fairy Figurine, or the Thinking of You ladies t-shirt. And there’s always Fairy Jewelry, the collectible My Little Kitchen Fairies, or an eFairies Gift Card to award to your magical mentor.

A FGM is in your life to help make dreams come true. So if you’re lucky enough to have one, make sure to shower her with respect, love, and a few heartfelt offerings. Isn't it right to infuse her life with the magic of gratitude now and then?