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Holiday Fairy Houses

Holiday Fairy Houses

Nov 15th 2012

fairy housesPeople have gone gaga over fairy houses and gardens. No wonder. Fairy houses are adorable, easy to manage, and amazingly creative. And miniature fairy cottages, cabins, or castles can now be accessorized with just about anything including outhouses, wishing wells, enamelware pots and pans, rubber boots, and even tiny garden gnomes.

Here at eFairies, we’re always at the cutting edge of all things fairy. Is it any wonder that we’ve taken the fairy house to a new level, winterizing it and decking its halls for the holidays? We’ve turned the fairy domain into a place that would look right at home on Candy Cane Lane.

Dressing up a holiday fairy cottage or dollhouse is easy and only takes a few key pieces of decor. A Mini String of Flashing Christmas Lights around the eaves, door, or windows of the home adds a touch of festive twinkle. Position a Peppermint Fence or White Snow Village Fence in the front yard, with a landscaping of Winter Berry Trees or the Peppermint Lit Bare Branch Trees “planted” nearby. This will give the fairy abode a North Pole flare.

Oh course you’ll need a Peppermint Bench or two for weary fairies and elves to rest upon and catch their breath during the hectic holidays. Also, a Village Wooden Log Pile is a necessary addition if your fairy residents want warm, cozy yuletide fires. And for those short winter days, Uptown Street Lights are a must-have to keep the neighborhood cheery and safe.

The area around the fairy house can also be decorated with evergreen boughs, holly, pinecones, etc. A facsimile of snow is always a nice touch, and really sets off the winter wonderland tone.

So forget baking that messy Gingerbread House, or the dangerous task of hanging holiday lights on your eaves. Instead, start a safe and crumb-free tradition of Christmasizing a fairy home. You will soon have a fan base of fairies clamoring for more candy cane décor!!!