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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 12th 2014

fairy st patricks day giftsHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you wake up feeling lucky? If not no worries, has you covered! We have plenty of gold fairy dust to stamp or sprinkle on with a star wand applicator. Our great selection of wands will keep bad luck at bay with a flick or a wave. We even have one with fairy dust for a touch of sparkle.

Try and find the pot of gold, if you do will you share? Check out the mountain o’splendor this leprechaun has discovered. This grinning guy is available in a greeting card or magnet. We’d also like to welcome six charming fellows to our Garden Statues: Old Tom, Good Robert, Pat Murphy, Paddy, Michael, and Mr. Kevin. Do you think one will lead the way to a pot of gold? Don’t blink or you might end up being lost with their tom foolery! These tricky fellows will leave you staring at a tree in a mystical place with a leprechaun door and an emerald cluster shinning right in your eyes!

If your day is feeling like a washout because of the rain, don’t forget we have adorable rain gear for ages 1-6. We all want to splash in puddles and chase the rainbow when the clouds break.

In lieu of the rain, maybe your indoor fairy garden is starting to look a bit greener for spring; our Celtic stepping stones are a great addition for a fairy walkway or path. We also have a great variety of Celtic CD’s if you like music while you work, create, or commute.

Don’t forget we have My Little Kitchen Fairies; one is even dressed in her St. Patrick’s Day best. She’d look so cute on your desk, or make a great addition to your on-going collection.

As the day comes to a close the fairies can toast with our shamrock tea set, or pewter beer mugs (for those fairies that like a fun fete).

We hope you made it through your day without a pinch or a poke, but maybe they didn’t see the green piggy paint! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and we wish you the best!