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Good Gourds!

Good Gourds!

Sep 13th 2012

fairy gourds

It's good to be a gourd! Not only are they beautiful – ripening into a variety of colors, sizes and shapes fit for a seasonal centerpiece – but they have been cultivated for thousands of years by many cultures worldwide. Gourds are actually related to pumpkins, melons, squash, and cucumbers, all members of the Cucurbitaceous or Cucumber family. Native Americans used them as utensils, storage containers, water-gatherers, and as ornaments. Perhaps this is why they seem so at home in the Cornucopia of a Thanksgiving holiday table.

At, we have another interesting use for gourds…as unique living residences for the fall and wintering fae. When the temperature drops and the rains threaten, fairies need more contained, comfortable living quarters then the protection of a toadstool cap. The Fiddlehead Fairy Pumpkin House offers a pumpkin-inspired home complete with a battery-operated candle to shed light during the gloomiest of nights. There are also the Striped Gourd House, the Gourd Shaped Fairy Home, and the Crookneck Cottage Fairy Home, all with their own battery powered candle, perfect for display amongst corn stalks and surplus pumpkins, or nestled in an Autumn fairy gardens or planter.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Village Tree House tries hard to live up to its “haunted” reputation, and would be right at home in an Autumn or Halloween miniature themed garden. This mysterious residence takes on a life of its own with its three stories of jutting gabbled peaks. Luckily it comes with a battery-operated candle to keep the ghouls at bay, and the fairies at play.

If you’ve got a bumper crop of pumpkins or gourds, and want to try your hand at carving your own fairy home, check out the amazing photographs in the books Fairy Houses and Beyond or Fairy Houses – Unbelievable by Barry and Tracy Kane. They will provide ideas and inspiration for creating fun, whimsical fairy habitats. Just remember to put some seeds aside as a gourd-warming gift for future fairy residents.