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Gnomes: Earth Elemental Spirits

Gnomes: Earth Elemental Spirits

Posted by The Fairy Godmother on Sep 25th 2017

Gnomes for your garden

The Earth Elemental Spirits are called Gnomes. They give special character to every rock, every crystal and every flowerbed – so these things all have something to teach us and secrets to reveal!

Gnomes are usually attached to a specific place, they do not fly. They each have their own distinctive look and may look very different from those shown in books. They help the fairies by creating color and texture everywhere – tapping into what may be hidden.

Gnomes can give us joy in the simple things as well as bring us opportunities for real success. They wouldn’t want us to be greedy.

Gnome Gifts

Gnomes are reliable no matter how they have been treated in the past. Their purpose has always been to teach us about all the hidden wonders that the earth has to offer. Wonders that will always be lost to us until we open our hearts and minds and of course put in a little hard work! They help us stay “grounded” and to attempt what is possible. They provide us comfort and make us feel safe. 

Those looking for a dose of common sense or in need of some good fortune – often call upon their special gnome friends for assistance. Gnomes understand that humans have to follow the rules of the earth in order for things to fall into place. They want to help us in any way that they can. They have done this successfully by enriching the soil to nurture us.