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Fancy A Fairy Tree

Fancy A Fairy Tree

Nov 13th 2012

fairy treeBows, garland, tinsel, twinkle lights…. it’s a well-known fact fairies love things with bling. They also love nature. This could explain why fairies are so fascinated by Christmas trees and wreaths.

I enjoy visiting plant nurseries around the holidays and checking out their enchanting assortment of themed Christmas trees. Some amazing themes have included the nautical trees covered with shining shells and sea foam tulle; the gingerbread trees decorated with lively gingerbread cookie boys and girls; the retro and vintage ornament trees right out of “A Christmas Story;” and, my favorite, the woodland elf and fairy trees covered with fantastical, ethereal creatures.

Here at eFairies, we can help you create your own fairy-themed Christmas tree with a huge selection of tree hangers and huggers. For example, Bendable Petal Fairies would look wonderful adorning an evergreen, and are light and pose able. These festive holiday characters include the Green Holly Fairy, Red Holly Fairy, Red Pixie and the White Fairy. Cicely Mary Barker’s Christmas Tree Flower Fairy or Holly Flower Fairy are charming, Victorian inspired ornaments full of holiday cheer.

My Little Kitchen Fairies has a whole assortment of hanging Christmas tree ornaments such as Christmas Pickle, Hot Chocolate, Riding Candy Ribbon, Stringing Popcorn, or Hugging Snowman. These animated, busy little fairies look like they just flew in from Santa’s workshop. And new at eFairies are ornament hangers from the prestigious Bradford Exchange. They include the Fairy Magical Holiday Ornaments, Teacup Fairy Ornaments, and Butterfly Fairies Ornaments. They will add sass and sparkle to any greenery.

A fairy tree wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the ever-popular Tinker Bell. Celebrate a Tink tree with A Touch of Sparkle Tinker Bell Tree Topper, Tinker Bell With Wreath, and Tinker Bell’s Let the Season Ring! Tink ornaments are sure to be a favorite with the wee ones of the household.

As you can see, it’s easy to turn your Christmas tree, wreath, or garland into a place where fairies love to hang out. So let the fae perch and play among the evergreen boughs of your holiday celebrations, and prepare for a truly magical Christmas.