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Fairy Parties

Fairy Parties

Feb 21st 2012

fairy party

In the hierarchy of “kid cool”, fairies rank up there with princesses, pirates, and ninjas. What better way to celebrate their enchanting beauty and magical abilities than by throwing Fairy Parties to promote some extra”fairy”estrial fun. Be it a birthday, tea party, or a super special play date, a fairy theme is sure to engage even the grumpiest of trolls. Plus, the theme is easy to age up or down, and as simple or extravagant to orchestrate as the hostess chooses.

Invitations can be hand made with fairy, butterfly, or flower clip art, stamps, or “cookie cutter” cutoutsglued on card stock. Party details can be written on the inside of the card, accompanied by a bit of whimsical fairy verse. Is your life too hectic to be crafty? Check out the Fairy Wishes Party Invitations, or look into the exquisitely drawn Flower Fairy Invitations and stationery of Cicely Mary Barker

As far as party décor, fairy festivities can be a more natural woodland theme, or a sparkles and glitter affair. Traditional fairy colors of pink, purple, white and silver can be used for tablecloths, ribbons, bunting and balloons. Tables can be set with flowers (real or artificial), large green construction paper leaves as placemats, teacups and saucers, etc. Don’t want to risk the little ones chipping your Grandmother’s china? Paper plates, cups, and napkins with fairies imprinted on them are a safe bet and easy to clean up. Also, miniature tea sets such as the Fairy Tea Time Basket are another alternative to using the “good china.” Paper Mache mushrooms, pinecones, leaves with glitter (fairy dust) and flower petals scattered about can all help set the mood, as will strings of tiny white lights.

One of the perks of a Fairy Party is being able to metamorphize into a beautiful fairy. Costumes equal success, so within the body of the invitation, suggest party attire to be pink or pastel leotards and tights or leggings. As the guests arrive, they receive a wand or a simple piece of craft wooden doweling, to be personalized by each party guest with ribbons, beads and appliqués. They will then receive a pair of wings forged from cellophane, cardboard, or wax paper and a tutu of tulle, paper leaves, or fabric leaves hot glued to a material band. A headband or tiara is optional, and could be another craft activity for the guests to busy themselves with. If you’d rather have less rustic, more professional looking fairies, the Dress Up Wing Set w/Headband and Wand might be the way to go. The party guests would surely covet these costume accessories, and the parade of fairies would be colorful and festive indeed.

Fairy Party food is all about cute, bite-sized portions, like tiny crust less sandwiches cut in cookie cutter shapes, or pixied miniature bagel pizzas, or cream cheese and strawberries on pretty crackers. Thirsty fairies seem to be fond of “Fairy Fizz,” fruit juice and ginger ale, or fruit punch and soda water doctored up with ice cubes of various shapes. Small skewers of fruit with pineapple stars on top become fairy wands of fruit goodness. Mushroom-cakes (cupcakes with “muffin tops”), chocolate covered strawberries, sugar cookies in fairy forms, or magical beans (jelly beans or gummy beans wrapped in fabric and tied with ribbons) are a few other sweet ideas.

It is universally known that fairies love to have fun, and that games must be a part of any fairy gathering. Regular party games with a twist, like pin the horn on the Unicorn, or musical chairs with “toad stools” are favorites. In fairy tag, one fairy has a “freeze” wand and another a “fly away” wand to set fairy captives free. A fairy scavenger hunt can involve teams, with an adult helper, looking for natural items (leaves, pebbles, moss) to rebuild the Queen Fairy’s castle, demolished by a careless Ogre. And a Maypole structure with ribbons can easily be constructed and is a great way of getting fairies to practice their dancing and flying skills – especially if music from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker is playing in the background. Also, a crafting and coloring area is a must-have for fairy down time.

In addition to their wands and wings, party guests will flip over fairy party favors. Make fairy funnels out of doilies and fill them with glitter pens, fairy stickers, sweets, and pixie sticks. Or Flower Fairy Party Bags can be stuffed with fairy treasures such as bottled fairy dust, wands or tiny tiaras. A more natural parting gift is to give each guest a small pot to decorate, and then allow them to pot their own flower from an assortment provided.

Remember, it’s all about creating a fairyland atmosphere where everything is miniature and magical. So have fun and party on fairy friends….