Fairy Figurines
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Fairy Music

Fairy Music

Jun 15th 2013

fairy musicWhat is music to a fairy's ears? Fairies enjoy the sounds of a spring rainstorm, a bubbling fountain, and waves crashing on the shore. They love the hums and reverberations of birds chirping, bees buzzing, and creatures waking up from a long winter’s nap. But, they also love spirited or lulling human melodies they can work, play, or relax to.

This is why eFairies carries a wonderful collection of fairy-pleasing CD’s from Sequoia Records. Sequoia represents a variety of musical artists with one thing in common – each in their own inimitable way bring the sounds and images of the ancient Celtic Fairy Realm and make it come alive once more. And now customers can select a CD and sample each song on the eFairies.com website.

These Celtic melodies of a by-gone time capture the sound of Fairyland. Many of the collaborations, such as Fairy Heart Music and Reflections of Faerie, feature the piano wizardry of Gary Stadler, lilting vocals, and the lovely harp artistry of Lisa Lynne. Then there’s The Celtic Lounge series, instrumental and vocal pieces mixed by the Gordon Brothers, that conjure visions of enchanted forests, emerald green hills, and fog enshrouded shores. For quiet time, we have Fairy Lullabies Music and Gardens of Serenity II, CD’s inspiring reflection and daydreams.

But fairies are not only music listeners…they are music makers! They either go for tiny, human-inspired instruments, as witnessed in the figurine, Fairy With Cello Pond Symphony, or in the art prints A Little Night Music by David Delamare and Fairy Music – Anne Plays the Pipes. Or sometimes they choose the fairy-made instruments they find in nature, such as the leaf-playing Jim Shore Musical Fairy, and the seashell-listening Seamurmur of Fairie Glen. Don’t forget that children start at an early age to acquire music appreciation and we have the pretty little soft wind-up musical dolls with swaying heads to enchant all! The older child and adult will enjoy the Fairy Flute to create their own music.

Whether listening or playing, fairies love their tunes and will go ga-ga over eFairies collection of enchanted CD’s. Listen along with your fae friends. You may not find Fairyland, but you’ll definitely be transported to the “land of chill.”