Fairy Figurines
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Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

Jul 25th 2012

fairy lights

Fairies resemble Martha Stewart in two ways: They don’t operate on much sleep, and they thrive on activity. It’s hard for them to sit still and relax because they’re super task oriented, always wanting to get the job done.

The only time fairies will stop and smell the roses is after sunset when they are officially off the clock. So what do fairies do after dark? Most like to gather around a fire and dance, or march in processions though the wood singing and performing upon fairy instruments. The more mischievous of the fae take the opportunity to play tricks on humans, such as tying shoelaces into knots or hiding the favored garden trowel.

If horses are about, adventurous fairies will often take them out for a joyride. If sprites are in a mellow mood, they’ll lounge on leaves or moss while searching the heavens for shooting stars…or take the opportunity to mimic the croaking frogs and chirping crickets.

So what is a fairy to do on nights when clouds and darkness obscure nature’s night lights of moon and stars? Here at eFairies we can shed some light on the matter with the colorful Fairy Berry Fairy Lights, the Solar Light Fairies for an more ambient glow, the majestic Titania Solar Globe Light Statue, or the love-able Lucas the Lantern Gnome Statue. The solar statuettes are particularly intriguing because “during the day they capture the light so they can guide the fairies as they sparkle at night.”

These are just a few solutions to light the way for fairies in your home or backyard. Together, we can do our part to keep fairies safe as they go about their nocturnal business making merry.