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Fairy Library

Fairy Library

Feb 15th 2013

fairy and gnome booksFairies love a good story. As far as a fairy audience is concerned, the bigger and more magic-packed the story is, the better. The fae especially like tales about dragons, witches, evil stepmothers, princes, princesses, knights, unicorns, and the brave or foolish exploits of other fairies.

A fairy library is a place where children can lose themselves in adventures of the magical kind. Here, creativity can be nurtured and the imagination pushed into other realms. A fairy library is also a place where parents can access a beloved bedtime story, perfect for that quality bonding time between parent and child. Reading organizations say that reading to a child for twenty minutes a day has the additional benefits of instilling a love for reading and books that will last a lifetime.

There is nothing like the gift of a book, and at eFairies we have many special stories for all ages. During our lunch breaks we enjoy checking out the picture books of Elsa Beskow, such as Children of the Forest and Children of Hat Cottage. Then there are the many pop-up books of Cicely Mary Barker, including Flower Fairies and Magical Doors and Magical Secret Garden that add a whole new dimension to her beautiful illustrations. For young readers we have the fairy chapter books Tansy’s New Petals and Fourth Grade Fairy to really accentuate how amazing reading can be.

For older readers, we have fairy reference books like The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey,Fairies…A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm, and Carol Rose’s Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns and Goblins that reveal all kinds of fairy lore and facts. We also have themed books that feature everything from the illustrious Tooth Fairy, to artfully crafted Fairy Houses.

Keep adding these books to your own fairy library. Fairies are guaranteed to pop-up all around you as they eavesdrop on their favorite “fairy tale” being told, especially the ones that end happily ever after.