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Fairy Gardening – Create YOUR own fairy garden!

Fairy Gardening – Create YOUR own fairy garden!

Jul 28th 2013

fairy garden

Creating a fairy garden is not rocket science, but it does involve some research and planning in order to achieve the desired results. FAIRY GARDENING, Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden, written by Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner, and GARDENING in MINIATURE, Create Your Own Tiny Living World, by Janit Calvo are great reference books available here at eFairies.com. They’re full of helpful hints on how to select, plant, and stage a relaxing, beautiful setting where fairies can follow their passion, or simply hang out.

According to Bawden-Davis and Turner, you need to follow a few simple steps when designing and planting a fairy garden. These include choosing the perfect container, selecting a theme, creating a focal point, planting perfect pint-sized plants, and decorating with appropriately scaled accessories. Following these steps will help create an intriguing visual story for your new magical world.

Suspension Bridge is just what every fairy garden needs to help the fairies and gnomes cross those difficult paths whether it be a stream of water, or a ditch.

Of course, adorable flower fairies and accessories make the garden an open invitation for all fairies to come join the fun. eFairies has hundreds of miniature accessories to add personality to your garden. We carry landscaping materials, pixie sized plants and pots, animal figurines, bird baths, wishing wells, tables and chairs, and just about anything else needed to accent the very best fairy gardens. These fixtures and figurines also come in a variety of sizes to fit the proportions of your design, an important aspect of creating a well-balanced garden.

Fairy gardens can differ greatly, but all are steeped in an aura of enchantment and magic. For their diminutive size, fairy gardens can have a wonderfully dramatic impact at minimal cost, are space savers, and require marginal maintenance. But most importantly, fairy gardens offer a hobby that can be shared with children, grand children, or with your own inner child.