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Fairy Garden Tips From the Fairy Godmother PT 4

Fairy Garden Tips From the Fairy Godmother PT 4

Apr 23rd 2012

I’m anxious to hear how your Fairy Garden, Fairy Home, or Fairy Kingdom has progressed since we last visited!

While on a trip to Georgia and Florida I had fun experimenting with natural materials not found in the Northwest. On each of my walks I kept noticing the material under the Palm trees and I just had to carry some home and play around with it. I made some homes that resembled tee-pees. I knew I wouldn’t be there to care for them for long but I that didn’t stop me. I positioned them around trees that had little openings at the base of the trunk so that it looked like an open doorway. Then I decorated with Spanish Moss and fresh Azalia blooms. Oh how pretty! I do wonder if any humans noticed. I am certain that the fairies were amused to see the Fairy Godmother happily building and playing along the paths!

Another item that I don’t have in our woods, that are available to those who live by the ocean, are the many different shells! I know that you can use them for constructing homes, but they also make very attractive paths and steps to reach your homes. I usually use nuts or stones, but the shells can shimmer when sun shines on them to give a magical touch to the scene!

Live miniature plants and bushes give a special feel to your kingdom! You can also check out miniature artificial plants to add just the right seasonal color that you are looking for to highlight or accent.

A special feature that you may want to incorporate into your setting is lighting. The magic of some little flickering lights will add charm that will attract attention of humans and the fairies. Perhaps a solar light would work for you if you have enough daytime sun to recharge for the nighttime.

Many items can be purchased for whatever scene you want to create! Firepits, chairs, tables, bricks, or fences. Birds, fairies, flowers, pillows or trikes. We are forever adding new items to keep your imagination and creativity flowing.

Enjoy every sparkling wonderful day!


The Fairy Godmother