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Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust

Jun 17th 2012

fairy dustTinker Bell knew how to make an impressive exit. She'd always leave a trail of Fairy Dust behind her. Fairy dust (aka Pixie Dust, Magic Dust, Wish Powder) is the stuff fairies shake from their wands when granting wishes, sprinkle on objects to transform them, or use to build dreams and happy thoughts. Whatever you call it, fairy dust is infused with some mighty powerful magic that can turn the ordinary into the special and make everything right.

It can make humans fly as it did Wendy and her brothers sailing away to join Peter Pan in Neverland. The Sandman uses it to make children fall asleep for, a little fairy dust in the eyes, and it’s off to dreamland. It can turn humans into animals, as it did Puck in Midsummer’s Night Dream. It can make plants grow, heal all kinds of wounds, and cause dreams to come true.

What is fairy dust made of? Sunbeams or rainbows crushed into tiny little particles? Is it he minute, powdery scales that fly off a butterfly giving the appearance of magical dust? Maybe it’s formed from air crystals, like the contrails of an airplane. Whatever fairy dust consists of, the fairies aren’t talking and it’s remained a trade secret since the dawn of time.

Fairy dust can vary, just like its corresponding fairy. It can shimmer and shine in opalescent glory, resembling moonlight on the water. Its wake can remind one of a bright, shooting star. Its warm glow can be single or multi-colored like a rainbow. Every fairy trail is unique and lovely.

At we have a precious collection of fairy dust products including Necklaces, Wands and their Refills; Secret Wishes Glitter Dust to make a wanna’ be fairy’s skin and hair glisten; and the classic Fairy Wings Magic Dust in a Bottle.

Fairy dust IS magic waiting to happen. It’s the stuff that enchantment and dreams are made of, and no self-respecting fairy – or fairy fan – should be without a vial or two or three.