Fairy Figurines
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Fairy Business

Fairy Business

Aug 12th 2014

fairy business

Fairies like to be rewarded for the assistance they provide humans in their daily endeavors. When contemplating a fairy offering, it’s the thought that counts…sort of. Fairies definitely have their preferences as the giftee; food and drink are a favorite, as well as beads, gems and anything that sparkles. An exceptional seashell or a unique rock is also things they may covet. But what they like best are FAIRY COINS.

What is a Fairy Coin? The Tooth Fairy and crew are constantly presenting us with human coins in exchange for baby teeth. Fairy Coins are what WE can offer the fae in exchange for their acts of kindness and deeds well done.

Here at eFairies we have a lovely, new grouping of fairy coins called The Trilogy Collection. These three hand-forged coins each feature a unique aspect of “fairy business” embodied in a special fairy. Cherish is there to care for the human and represent the virtues of the Fairy Godmother. Chloe signifies the magic and wonder of Mother Nature. Calista is symbolic of the beauty of fairies, from the inside out.

These collector’s fairy coins come packaged in a magical chest, which also contain detailed descriptions and poems about each individual fairy. Present them to a special Godmother, human or fairy. Leave them as an offering outside a fairy door. Trade them with fairy-loving friends. Keep them in a special place, such as on your nightstand, to attract fairies into your dreams.

Fairy coins are tokens of gratitude gifted to magical beings that help and protect us -- but they also bring good fortune to those who share them with the fae…so share away!