Fairy Figurines
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Fairy Babies

Fairy Babies

Jul 12th 2013

fairy babies

The birth of the New Year’s Baby ushers in hope for the fledgling 2013. Right now, ‘13 is bright, shiny, and full of promise, and we’re still on top of our new year’s resolutions to be healthier and happier.

Speaking of new beginnings, my family is recently experiencing a baby explosion. Every time I venture out to the mailbox, there’s another birth announcement, or invitation to a baby shower. So, what are some hot gift ideas for Mom and/or the new arrival?

At eFairies, we have many items that focus on the magic that is motherhood. There’s the delicate Fairy Mother & Child Necklace that features the incredible bond between babe and mom. We have adorable figurines such as Sleeping Baby Fairy with Frog or the Fairy Baby Sleeping on a Leaf that epitomize the innocence and beauty of the newborn’s spirit.

There are fabulous fairy dolls and décor that will make the baby’s room look like a fairy kingdom. We carry the enchanting line of lullaby-playing soft musical dolls, such as Fairy Princess or Pink Flower Fairy. For the little fellows, there’s the Peter Pan Musical Doll that plays “Wind Beneath My Wings.” These tune-filled treasures will definitely “lull” wee ones into many blissful naps.

We also have the Bendable Petal Fairies and Elves to pose and hang about the baby’s room. I’m sure infants will love to spend hours watching a crib mobile featuring fairies such as Peony, Rose Garden, and Hydrangea dancing happily above their heads.

A way to add coziness to the baby’s room is with the warm glow of the Fairy Mother and Child Victorian Stand. There’s also the Under the Fairy Moon Crescent Night Light that will shed comforting light upon the sometimes-overwhelming darkness.

For the young child, we have the colorful Fairies and Berries Sippy Cup, Bib Set, Silverware Set, and Divided Suction Plate that will make eating meals a magical experience. And for moms who exhibit a great sense of fairy humor, we have the Fabulous Pixie Dust Fairy Bib to keep their tots relatively spill free.

Fairy babies don’t all have wings. There are the human wee ones, introduced to the joy, whimsy, and magic of fairies at an early age — thus instilling a lifetime of enchantment and wonder.