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Create Your Own Fairy Garden!

Create Your Own Fairy Garden!

Oct 31st 2016

Fairy Garden MiniaturesImagine a fairy, maybe a Flower Fairy sitting on a bench looking down at a turtle or a tiny hedgehog. Picture the pair in a terrarium or in a container of your choice where they can keep you company every day.

When you decide to create your fairy garden, choose a location first. Will your garden be outside or indoors? If you need a container, obtain one or re-purpose something your already have. Settle these two things first so you know the scale of your project. Always know the fairies can live happily anywhere you choose.

Fairy Garden ContainersOnce you’ve chosen a location and the container to make your fairy feel at home the fun can begin! Put your own personality into your garden or create a fairy garden as a gift for a friend using items that remind you of them. Do you choose your fairy first or the accessories? That is entirely up to you. No rule applies, you make the choice yourself. Peruse our Pinterest board for many ideas…

The size or scale is determined by the container or location you’ve chosen. Gather items that complement each other.  Miniatures come in many sizes: they can be tiny, terrarium scale, or larger. Each item on our website includes specific measurements to make your selection process easy. If you need help contact us!

Consider miniature fairy garden animals and fairy furniture. Look through our fairy garden accents, we have everything from tiny birdbaths to baseball bats to make your garden feel like home.

Treasure the fun you’ve experienced creating your unique fairy garden. We’d love to see how it all comes together and hear about your experience!

With warm smiles,

The Fairy Godmother