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Celebrate Independence Day with eFairies.com

Jun 30th 2015

We celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which lets us honor freedom and independence in the United States on this national and federal holiday! Check your fairy calendar the day is almost here!

eFairies.com can help you create the perfect festive look for your fairy or gnome garden . Our celebrations often take place outdoors by attending a picnic or barbeque, and spending quality time with great friends and family.

This is the perfect time to build or decorate a one of kind miniature garden with fun, colorful and festive items! We have a selection of American flag poles or garland to show your patriotic support and celebrate the freedom of our country. A deluxe BBQ grill will help your fairies and gnomes prepare yummy hamburgers and hotdogs. We even have a fire pit to keep everyone warm when the night time fireworks take place! Make sure you keep the garden hose close by in case some fireworks get out of hand!

At eFairies.com we have plenty of fairy berries and orbs to light of the garden to make a fancy light display your fairies will enjoy! Make sure you have plenty of seating for all of our fairy and gnome guests; take a look in our Miniature Furniture section to find the perfect tables, chairs, or benches!

We have plenty of refreshment available ranging from lemonade, iced tea, and a bucket complete with ice and cans of soda! We even have a bag of ice to help keep your beverages cool on a warm summer day!

From our store to your door we hope you have a happy and safe 4 th of July as we celebrate the Independence and Freedom of our wonderful country!