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Better Fairy Homes and Gardens

Better Fairy Homes and Gardens

Apr 10th 2012

Fairy HousesDid you know little is the new big? In the growing miniature market, tiny is trés chic. After years of ostentatious consumption, with homes that looked and felt more like warehouses, it’s good that we’re back to appreciating things of a smaller scale. That includes gardens.

The Fairy Garden is the smallest of the small. It is tranquil – much like a Zen garden – but the main aesthetic is its miniature proportions. Fairy Homes and dwellings nestled in fairy gardens are small, dollhouse size or less structures, that are built of stone or materials of an organic nature. The cottage designs are timeless, and seamlessly mesh with the landscape. eFairies.com has some great examples of fairy dwellings with their line of Little White Barn products. Carling’s Cottage, Blossom’s Bungalow, and Aidan’s Cottage are all the perfect size to accommodate a family of fairies

Outfitting these cottages and barns is easy with Fairy Garden Accessories. House exteriors can be dressed up with wishing wells, arbors, vine fences, ladders, leaf garden stakes, tiny gazing balls, and leaf bistro sets. Inside the abode, dollhouse furniture or accessories in the form of fairy canopy beds or tea time table and chairs can turn a shell of a house into a “home sweet home.”

When hardscaping the actual garden surrounding the miniature dwellings, be creative with leaf stepping stones, fairy garden brick sets, aged pathway tiles, aged garden fountain, cobblestone paths, and garden walls. It will really give that teeny tiny yard a lived in feel.

Landscape the Fairy Garden patch with colorful flowers such as Primroses, Pansies, or Alyssum; ground covers such as Irish Moss, Blue Star Creeper, or Creeping Jenny; and with dwarf shrubs of Rosemary and Lavender. Remember – go heavy on the perennials and dwarf shrubs, light on the annuals.

The perfect Fairy Homes and Gardens are sure to attract sprites from far and wide, as well as birds, bees, and butterflies. Keep the area clean and comfortable, and you’ll have fairy lodgers for years to come.