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Bendable Fairies

Sep 25th 2015

When it starts to rain, our Bendable Fairies cozy up in dry little nooks.

Wait…you thought all fairies liked the rain?

The garden gnomes and fairy statues may relish a good downpour, but not these airy friends. These fairies like to nestle inside when the weather is gloomy. If they had umbrellas, they’d huddle under them and shuffle to the nearest welcoming door.

Bendables wait for a dry day to tiptoe outside and help their fairy kin with autumn’s work—adding small jewels of gold, red, and orange to the landscape and comforting the trees as leaves drift to the ground. But after a few hours, they hustle back inside to warm their mesh or paper wings.

Just five inches tall, Bendable Fairies come in any iteration you can think of. They may resemble a pansy, a ladybug, or even a jester!

Full of warm personality, Bendables fit in any nook. Seat one on a shelf with a friend and a few tiny stones, pinecones, or fallen leaves. They’ll feel right at home.

You can also pose your fairy for resting and nestle it beneath a houseplant or hang it—flying!—from its golden loop. And here’s a new trick: Some have magnetic feet so you can pose them in standing positions on an embossed metal leaf, perfect for your mantelpiece, nightstand, or end table. (See our magnetic Bendables right here!)

Make a place for one of these delicate fairy friends in your home. Click here to look at our collection (we carry more than 123 and find one that complements you or someone on your gift list. Every time you see one, you’ll be sure to smile.

With warm smiles,

The Fairy Godmother