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A Gnome for Everyone!

A Gnome for Everyone!

Sep 9th 2015

Roots and soil are the stomping grounds of the earth-bound gnome. Gnomes are Earth’s elemental spirits, wingless homebodies who unlock the secrets of earthly treasures. Even one gnome figurine can enhance a garden by bringing out the texture, color, and hidden qualities of rocks, crystals, and flowers.

Need to get a new perspective? Gnomes are reliable teachers who can help you stay grounded, find hidden paths, and attempt what is possible. They are dreamers, motivators and risk takers, the go-to of the elemental world for a dose of common sense or good luck.

You may think you know what a gnome looks like from stories you’ve read, but they are as different as the people whose homes and gardens they inhabit. They’re playful creatures, dedicated hobbyists who love to fish, cook, hunt, garden, and even cheer for their favorite teams! At the end of the day, they settle into a gnome home or squirrel away down a secret gnome hatch.

No matter what kind of gnome you want to nestle into your garden or place on a corner shelf, we have it. Peruse our gnome products for an endless array of gnome figurines and statuaries. Every fisher, golfer, biker, or gardener in your life has a gnome alter ego waiting to go home with them. Find gnome furniture for the garden, too.

Let our gnomes give you wisdom—and a dose of fun!

With warm smiles,

The Fairy Godmother