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  • Amy Brown

    Amy Brown is a talented fantasy artist who will allow you to explore the faerie realm and its inhabitants. You may find yourself mesmerized by her magical artwork displayed here!

    • Amy Brown Enchanted Unicorn Amy Brown Enchanted Unicorn

      Amy Brown Enchanted Unicorn

      If this bewitching creature could have its way, it would always be teatime. Surely fellow connoisseurs can appreciate the look of contentment in its gaze. Enjoy your own spot of tasty brew alongside the Enchanted Unicorn Tea Cup. Purple butterfly wings...

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    • The Book Dragon by Amy Brown

      The Book Dragon by Amy Brown

      The Book Dragon by Amy Brown. An inquisitive dragon who is obsessed with reading!  The perfect gift for your favorite teacher, dragon collector or Amy Brown fan. Dimensions:  7"H x 5 1/2"W x 3"D Material: Resin

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    • The Book Worm - Amy Brown The Book Worm - Amy Brown

      The Book Worm - Amy Brown

      The Book Worm.  Book lovers beware!  There is a bookworm in town and he wants your books! This dragon gets ridiculed by his fellow dragons for his love for books!  Instead of being a big fierce dragon, he prefers to stay in with his...

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    • The Fairy Family The Fairy Family

      The Fairy Family

      The perfect gift for a young fairy lover mother.  This beautiful figurine by artist Amy Brown captures the beginning of a young fairy family.  This figurine speaks volumes all by itself and is definitely a must have for an Amy Brown Fairy...

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    • Winter Fairy Queen - Amy Brown

      Winter Fairy Queen - Amy Brown

      Fairies come in so many different forms. Some are tiny and dwell within the woods, while others inhabit the frosty north. Showcase the mystical creatures who rule the frigid seasons with the Winter Queen Fairy Statue by Amy Brown. Dimensions:  18...

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    • The Book Muse Fairy - Amy Brown

      The Book Muse Fairy - Amy Brown

      Could this fairy be Amy Brown's muse? Why yes.....yes she is!  The Book Muse inspired by the artwork of Amy Brown. Dimensions: 6 1/2" H x 5 1/4" W x 3 1/2" D Material: Hand Painted Resin

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    • The Scholar Dragon - Amy Brown The Scholar Dragon - Amy Brown

      The Scholar Dragon - Amy Brown

      The Scholar Dragon by Amy Brown.  Who wouldn't want to learn from this handsome chap?  While dragoning calls for bravery and strength, that does not mean that a dragon cannot be a scholar.  Brave, Strong AND Smart...the perfect trio of...

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    • The Book Fairy - Amy Brown The Book Fairy - Amy Brown

      The Book Fairy - Amy Brown

      The Book Fairy created after Amy Brown's "Sunday Morning" artwork.  This lovely fairy's expression says it all doesn't it?  A must have for any book lover, fairy lover or Amy Brown Collector. Dimensions:  5 1/2"H x 4 3/4"W x 3...

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