Topaz Tink Rainbow Fairy Necklace
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Topaz Tink Rainbow Fairy Necklace

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Now you can have a sweet fairy necklace with your favorite color wings. Nicely made from lovely glass facet stones and pewter, this charming fairy pendant comes on a 24 adjustable chain. Topaz gemstones are strong, steady, high level gems, which are utilized for mental clarity and focus. Topaz gems aid in reducing mood swings and worries. Topaz is the talismanic birthstone for the month April. For the month of November, topaz is the birthstone for the following traditions: Modern, Ayurveda, Hebrew, Roman, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Italian, and Zodiac. Topaz is the modern and Hindu birthstone for the month of December. Topaz is also the daily gemstone for Sunday and the planetary gemstone for the star sign Sagittarius. Blue Topaz is the 4th anniversary gemstone and Imperial Topaz the 23rd anniversary gemstone.

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