The Nine Worlds CD

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"The Nine Worlds" of archaic legend. At once stirring and calming, entertaining yet relaxing, Achillea achieves a vibrantly new and hauntingly beautiful musical vision that artfully blends evocative ambient New Age atmospheres with European dance club electronica. Achillea elegantly weaves the mystery of ancient myth - a world of seers, elves, and rune masters, into a lush, richly layered sonic landscape with velvety melodies of delicately bluesy guitar playing, slow sensuous grooves and silky smooth vocals sung in Latin and ancient Swedish.

Achillea Exodus
Cape Porcupine
Land of the Elves
Monks of Lindisfarne
Odin's Hill
Othila the Rune Masters
Shears from Scar
Staraja Ladoga
The Nine Worlds
The Seeress Prophecy

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