The Lover's World Canvas Wall Art

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Glittered Canvas Fairy Art. A fairy in love, graced in a long flowing emerald green gown with hands caressed beneath her chin and dreaming with her heart! The fairies and birds watch as the breeze ruffles the white tree blossoms and the fairies golden hair on this beautiful summer day! Large canvas fairy art embellished with glitter make the most attractive pieces of art in any room! Ready to hang, these charming pieces are a part of the Glittered Enchanted Fairies Collection. Countless hours are spent designing and creating by hand this unique line of collectibles. Enchanted Fairies have taken rare vintage images from the early 1900's and reproduced them on canvas. With their whimsical and nostalgic motifs, see how these whimsical and delightful fairies beckon you to their magical world of fantasy and fun! Original artwork by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdae 1905  Extra hardware included for hanging.

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Dimensions: 20L x 16W x 1.5D

Material: Canvas

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