The Freckle Fairy Book

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Did you know that freckles are fairy kisses? The Freckle Fairy is a whimsical little fairy who flies through the sky at night, visiting children while they sleep. She gives each child a kiss or two, or maybe more. Wherever she kisses them a freckle magically appears. This is the fifth in Bobbie Hinman’s award-winningseries of fairy books. These captivating books were created to give children pure enjoyment and allow them to believe in make-believe. After all, who better to blame it on than a fairy?

This book includes an audio CD of the story narrated by the author. Also featured is an original fairy song. Children will delight in listening to this story and song about the enchanting Freckle Fairy. The tinkling sound of the bell lets children know when it is time to turn the page.  (Bobbie Hinman)

The book includes an audio CD of the story, along with an original fairy song.

Author: Bonnie Hinman

Format:  Hardcover Book

Dimensions:  11.5"H x 8.5"W x 0.4"D



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