The Celtic Lounge III CD

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The Celtic Lounge III CD, featuring the finest artists and rising stars in a breathtaking new set mixed by The Gordon Brothers. Ancient lore and modern grooves come together and create a magical Celtic mood with vocal and instrumental songs. Sounds of mystical spells will transport you to the misty green hills, stone fences, and foggy cliffs of the emerged isle. This magical mystery of music is the ideal companion for reading, reflection, and quiet moments.

MP3 Clips:
1. Fairy Nightsongs
2. Kaliber
3. The Magic of Spring
4. Whispering in the Trees
5. Brook in the Hollow
6. Land of the Elves
7. Fly Away
8. The Stones of Connemara
9. On the Road to Rivendell
10. Mystical Morning Part 1
11. Where the Soft Breezes Blow
12. Spinneee

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