The Celtic Lounge II CD

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The Celtic Lounge II CD is a spellbinding collaboration where the ancient and the modern meet once again with Gary Stadler, Singh Kaur, Tina Malia, Achillea, EverStar, Sharon Knight, Alquimia, and more. Also features a gorgeous Celtic guitar by song by Steve Gordon and a heartwarming Irish folk piano piece played by David Gordon. This collection is the perfect listening choice for reading, working, or daydreaming.

MP3 Clips:
1. Fairy Ring
2. Lilac Blooms (Under the Rising Moon)
3. Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods
4. The Lass of Glenshee
5. The Secret Rose
6. Faraway
7. The Foggy Dew
8. Spark in the Night
9. Land of the Star
10. Song of the Sea
11. Fly Away

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