Tall Tales Fairy Door

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Weight: 0.75 LBS
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Made in USA: Yes

Behind this door lives a chatty fairy that is prone to exaggeration and half-truths.  Cursed by a witch she offended, the fairy grows taller every time she tells a tall tale.  As a result, our Toymaker had to build a bigger door to accommodate the fairy's many enchanted growth spurts.

8 3/4 H x 4 1/4 W x 3/4 Thick

Materials: Knotty pine door is a natural color while its frame is stained a dark red.It is accented with a walnut handle, a round window 1 in diameter, and ebony hinges. The door is coated with polyurethane to withstand harsh weather conditions, and comes with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger.

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