Small Persons with Wings (They hate being called Fairies.) Book

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Small Persons with Wings (They hate being called Fairies) by Ellen Booraem. An exciting book to get lost in for the fairy lover who enjoy the adventures that go on with the little people with wings. Years later, Mellie is still trying to live down the day she told her Kindergarten class she had a fairy living in her bedroom, in which she is still getting teased for. She believes she is finally going to leave all the fairy nonsense behind when her family decides to move into a new town to inherit her grandfather's inn. Mellie is in for a surprise when she finds out her family members have been fairy guardians for generations and the inn is overrun with small persons with wings (they do not like to be called fairies). Mellie is up to the test when she needs to attempt to save the day when her family and fairies are all facing an evil temptress in disguise who wants the fairy magic all for her own.

5 W x 8 H

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