Silver Birch Flower Fairy Stepping Stone

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Silver Birch Flower Fairy Stepping Stone is a beautiful piece with a metal tooth hanger attached to the back so you can hang or display on any wall of your choice. These beautiful stepping stones are hand painted and each have the song of the coordinating flower fairy. These are limited edition and no longer in production.

The Song of The Silver Birch

There's a gentle tree with a satiny bark

All silver-white, and upon it, dark,

Is many a crosswise line and mark

She's a tree there's no mistaking!

The Birch is a this light and lovely tree,

And as light and lovely still is she

When the Summer's time has come to flee,

As she was at Spring's awaking.

She has new Birch-catkins, small and tight,

Though the old ones scatter

and take their flight,

And the little leaves, all yellow and bright,

In the autumn winds are shaking.

And wih fluttering wings

and hands that cling,

The fairies play and the fairies swing

On the fine thin twigs,

that will toss and spring

With never a fear of breaking



12" Diameter

1/2" Thick

Hand painted Resin

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