Reiki Healing Light CD

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Reiki Healing Light CD, from the award-winning ambient music artists David and Steve Gordon, Shajan, Sophia, Ashron, Nik Tyndall, and Bernd Scholl to create the ultimate relaxation music compilation for Reiki sessions, meditation, yoga, or to lift you away into a restful sleep. Empty your mind and gently float to your serene inner center with sounds of the nourishing waves of the gentle piano, flute, guitars, soothing keyboards, and some angelic vocal blends with the occasional sounds of the ocean, birds, and rivers. Reiki is a widely used form of energy healing that originated in Japan. If music could take you to Samadhi, this relaxing music would definitely be the soundtrack.

MP3 Clips:
Spheres of the Angels - Flow Mix (Shajan)
Bridge of Breath - Resonance Mix (David & Steve Gordon)
Hidden Waters - Deep Wellness Mix (Sophia)
Sunlight Through the Trees (David & Steve Gordon)
Reiki Mantras (Ashron)
The Return (David & Steve Gordon)
Flow of Harmony - Beaming Mix (David & Steve Gordon)
Sunrise in Paradise (Nik Tyndall and Bernd Scholl)
Healing Attunement (David & Steve Gordon)
Rainbow Reiki (David & Steve Gordon)
Life Force Energy (David & Steve Gordon)

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