Red Tardis Door

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Originally used by the members of the British Police, or for members of the public to contact the police. This Police Box contained a telephone linked directly to a local police station.

This British call box later played a role in the Doctor Who television series in the 1960’s; in which a protagonist’s time machine known as a Tardis is in the same shape of a British Police call box.

The Tardis Door changed from blue to red around the 1960's, the first one appearing in Glasgow, Scotland. This red tardis door will usher your fairies to their enchanted realm, or offer the benefit of time travel in case they misplaced some fairy dust in another decade.

These beautifully constructed wood doors are fixed and do not open to keep the secrets of time travel safe! The fairies can pass through this magical portal as they please without the use of keys.

Each door has a threshold and can be free standing or hung with the hook on the back of the door.


8 1/2" H x 4 3/4" W x 1 1/4" D


Painted Pine

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